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55°C Thermostatic Heater Tea Cup USB Smart Thermostatic Cup Heating Pad Electric Heating Dish Pad Heater Coffee Milk Tea Dining     Description: Color: green, pink, white Material: Cup: Ceramic Coaster Panel: Tempered Glass Coaster Base: PP Size: Cup: 13*8*9cm Coaster: 16.4*12.4*2cm Cup capacity: 420ml Rated voltage: 5V Rated frequency: 2A Rated power: 10W Power supply mode: USB direct plug Packing list: 1*cup, 1*spoon, 1*coaster (including usb data cable) Product introduction: The water temperature of about 52-55 degrees is most suitable for human drinking. The warm cup was created to solve this problem. The low energy consumption constant temperature control system can keep the temperature of the hot water at a constant temperature during the cooling process. Feature: The design of the 55 degree constant warm cup keeps your coffee/tea at the temperature without spoiling its taste due to reheating Gravity induction switch design, the water cup is automatically heated after the coaster is placed, and the water cup leaves the coaster, and the power is automatically cut off to prevent dry burning Multi-purpose use, you can use ceramic cups, milk bottles, stainless steel cups, glass cups and beverages The glass panel is wear-resistant, anti-drop, safe and waterproof, and has a more delicate touch Low power consumption, home, office, student dormitory can also be used safely Comes with a gift box, suitable for gift giving or as a holiday gift   Instructions: Place the coaster on a flat table and turn on the power Put the cup filled with hot water on the coaster, at this time the microgravity switch is turned on, the indicator light is on, and it enters the constant temperature working state When the cup is removed from the coaster, the microgravity switch is turned off to stop heating   Product List: Cup + spoon + coaster with connected usb data cable + manual     Note: This product is only used for heat preservation and constant temperature purposes, please do not directly heat it with cold water! The color of the picture of this product may have a slight chromatic aberration due to the light during shooting. Hope to understand, thank you   Common problem: 1. The indicator light is on, but the heating panel is not hot Answer: There is a process for panel heat transfer. It takes about 5 minutes after the power is turned on for the panel temperature to stabilize 2. The constant temperature effect is not good Answer: Please check whether the thermostatic effect is not good due to the following reasons: a. Use a cup that is not a flat-bottomed cup, but a double-layered cup. Too low    ..
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  Specifications:   1. It is both a selfie and fixed stick, with the function of stabilizing the movement.   2. Various automatic rotation functions, Bluetooth remote control, and common effects.   3. One button to switch between horizontal and vertical photography, and the ease of modification.   4. High -end aluminum alloys, stable pulling rod, strong and durable, and dirt resistance.   5. Self -filling light, separation of light filling, 3 shades of color, 3 brightness   the description:   1. A look teacher   Color: back Material: Aluminum alloys Mobile phone display support: 37-90 mm Product size: 158.5x61X (75 mm-700 mm) Packing size 181x85.5x82.5 mm Net weight: 235g Cross weight: 400g   2. Teacher of the Self -Timer   Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth distance: 10 meters Battery: CR1620 (can be shipped) Compatible with the system: Android 4.3 or higher;Internal control circuit 5.1 or higher   3- Stability teachers   Battery: 400mAh Work voltage: 3.7 volts Current work: 100mA (Max 1300MA) Consumed energy: 1.8 w The maximum conversion speed: 100 degrees/s Work time: 2-3h Witament Shipping: DC5V Current shipping: 400MA Shipping interface: Type-C Spin angle: 100 degrees/time (automatic/manual) Current readiness: ≤ 50ua   4. Fill in light parameters   RX battery: 600mAh Current shipping: DC5V/450MA Current work: 0.35a Consumed energy: 3 watts White lights: 16 pieces Number of warm lights: 16 pieces Play time: 2-3h The brightness of the white lamp: 6500K, 46LM, 0.44W Breaks of yellow lamp: 3000K, 44LM, 0.44W Mixed lamp brightness: 4283k, 64LM, 0.62W LED Energy Lamp: 0.2 W/Piece Highlight: Warm light/natural light/white light;9 speeds that are darkened Flash explosion: Double click the button after the light of a flash explosion, a total of 3 files (warm, natural, white)    ..
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High -power camping lamp with a side lamp of 4 cobs and recharge..
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New 10 Piece 1/8 "Tingstin Ethnopian Carbide Citizen Grind   Product stands out: Materials: This group of carbide bitch/a rotating bit group made of steel tingstan sticker that has a long work life, diameter of sweat: 3 mm (1/8 inch), diameter of the edge of the pieces: 6 mm (1/4 inch), pleaseCheck the size before purchasing it. Multiple purposes: This Rotary bites include all you need to be sculpted, engrave, polishing, removing sharp edges, being suitable for wood, stone sculpture, metal work and mold grinding.The group includes a large collection of shapes for all types of cuts. Big processing quality: With this bite group, your target surface is smoothly after carving or engraving, so it can even be treated with a variety of high -resolution template. Those carbps latter is generally used with his electric or air -tool hand tool (can also be used in a machine tool).The speed of electrical or air tools is usually 6000-50000 rpm per minute.  ..
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