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introduction [Product Name]: A mobile electric vacuum cleaner [Product Job]: Essentially car cleaning, sweeping, dust, blowing balloons and so on Introduction to the release 【An updated version】 [Color]: Fragon [Product material]: Abs [Motor]: A new engine without brushes [Void degree]: 95000PA [Specified Speed]: 35500RPM [Lithium battery capacity]: 2*2000mAh [Shipping mode]: 5 V. USB strengthening the shipping line [Classified power]: 120 watts [the noise]:≤52db [Operating temperature]: - 20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ [Package list]: X1 electric vacuum cleaner X 6 accessories X1 charging line MANUALX1 user [Weight]: 550 G 【The basic version】 [Color]: Gray [Product material]: Abs [Engine]: Normal engine [Vaccue]: 8000PA [Specified Speed]: 15500RPM [Lithium battery capacity]: 2*2000mAh [Shipping mode]: 5 V. USB strengthening the shipping line [Classified power]: 120 watts [the noise]:≤52db [Operating temperature]: - 20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ [Package list]: X1 electric vacuum cleaner X 6 accessories X1 charging line MANUALX1 user [Weight]: 520G A special motor for aviation, a new upgrade for new technology in colleges and universities, high -strength, improved speed 100 times, trial test speed up to 355,000 rpm Using a comfortable sound without disturbing strong but fixed sound 1. Improving wind resistance and reducing air tubes and noise 2. Narrow participation of components-reduce vibration noise 3.GEDE BAO, noise reduction, cotton compound-reduce dizziness 4. The optimal exhaust pipeline exhaust reducing 5. The dynamic balance to reduce noise-reduce the vibration sound 6. The optimal limit of noise from f co -air resistance and noise reduction 7. Engine suspension design-Reduction Ranie 8.motor equipped with cars brushes Long -term battery life can easily clean hygiene in the home car.Dual -core frequency dash conversion can easily handle cleaning in the car and at home, the current release is under the surveillance and adjustment of the power supply management system, and to cooperate with the air cooling system to ensure the continuous and excellent operation of the battery package, which can complete cleaning more space at one time.  ..
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  With 100 SKUs of the US rules, European regulations, British regulations, Australian regulations, and national standard chargers, please contact customer service in detail!, Vehicle Vacuum Wireless Vee Motor Housewivaler ST-6645 【product name】: Handheld car vacuum cleaner 【Product number】: ST-645 【product brand】: Fayer/Suitu 【Product color】: Black -gray/silver gray 【Product configuration】The 【ST-6645C】Wireless vacuum cleaner-with USB cable Bring packages: 525g Color box size: 218x160x67mm.30pcs/ctn, outer box size: 505*460*360mm 【ST-6645PRO】Brushless vacuum cleaner-with USB cable Bring packages: 545g Color box size: 218x160x67mm.30pcs/ctn, outer box size: 505*460*360mm 【product material】: ABS 【Rated voltage】: DC 7.4V 【Vacuum】: About 9000Pa/12000Pa 【Rated speed】: 35500rpm 【Lithium battery battery capacity】: 2*2000mAh 【charging method】: 5V USB boost charging cable 【rated power】: 120W 【noise】: ≤84db 【Operating temperature】: -20 ℃ ~+50 ℃    ..
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Product Description  Super Night Vision and WDR Technology: Combined with super big aperture and wide dynamic range(WDR),you can get   comparatively clearer footage and image at night. Car plates license can be easily seen even   in darkness. The safety of   driving at night will be improved a lot. 4" Large LCD Screen Car Recorder: Combined with 1080P Full HD and 12MP resolution, this dash cam can provide   insurance claims to prevent disputes. Super large screen shows the real time image, helps you   clearly see every details   when playing back and brings better visual experience. 170 Wide-Angle 6G Lens Car Camera: 170 wide angle lens allows a larger viewing angle to be recorded.   For example,   you will be able to see 4 lanes of traffic. The more you see, the safer you are. 6 glass fixed-focus provides better light   transmission, thus recording crystal clear video. G-Sensor and Loop Recording: G-sensor is activatedby any collision to start recording emergency videos to help you get   evidence in the car recorder when the unexpected situation occurs. Automatically overwrite the unlocked oldest file when   the TF card is full, to ensure the normal recording. Easy to install: Suction cup mount installed on the windshield and connected to the cigarette lighter,   the car camera will   record automatically. Note: Since its internal battery is a small capacity, it will automatically shut down after 10 seconds without external power. You need to always connect to external power when using the cam. Product Features: LCD screen size: 4.0" high bright IPS touch screen Lens: Front: 170 high-definition wide angle; Back: 120 wide angle Language: English/Simplified Chinese/Russian/Japanese/German/Spanish Video resolution: Front: 1080P(1920*1080),720P(1280*720); Back: 720P(640*480) Auto loop recording: Close/1min/3min/5min Picture resolution: 10M/8M/5M/3M/2MHD/1M/VGA Picture format: JPG Memory card: TF card(access speed class 6 or above, maximum supported to 32GB,it is not included) Microphone/Speaker: Built-in Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Port: USB/AV-in/TF card slot Power: DC5V 1500mA-2000mA Battery: Polymer lithium battery built-in Package Includes:  1x Car Dash Cam. 1x Rearview Cam. 1x Rearview Cam Line(6m). 1x Car Charger. 1x Suction Cup. 2x Screws. 1x User Manual Super Night Vision and WDR Technology. 4" Large LCD Screen Car Recorder. 170 Wide-Angle 6G Lens Car Camera. FAQ:   Do I need manually turn on and off the dash cam? After the dash cam pro is connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle in the car, you do not need to manually  turn on or turn off it. Every time when the car is started (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered on),the dash cam pro automatically boots up. The dash cam will turn off automatically when the vehicle is turned off (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered off).Some vehicle's cigarette lighter keeps being powered on even when the vehicle has been turned off, in this situation, you need to manually turn off the dash cam pro. And the next time you start the vehicle, you need to manually turn on the dash cam.   How to observe the running status of the dash cam pro? Check the status indicator on the side of the dash cam. If the indicator is green, the dash cam is  recording normally;if the indicator turns red, it means that the recording is abnormal.   What memory card does Gmai and NVNUVU Dash Cam support? Gmai Dash Cam and NVNUVU Dash Cam support standard Micro SD card (TF card) with the capacity of 16GB to 64GB and speed at Class10 or above.Make sure you use high-quality storage cards from a known brand. The actual writing speed and  capacity of the low-quality storage cards may be lower than declared. Video aren't normally saved to  low-quality storage cards. We don't take any responsibility for such cases.    Why does it only record many 1 min video,can it be 2mins,3 mins, 4mins or longer?  The video is 1 min each time.The reason is that the DVR will remove the earliest video automaticlly when your card is full.If the video is too long, maybe all the longest video will be removed.When you want to check some video especially some important time, you can not find anything there.   Don't know how to use the Gmai&NVNUVU Dash cam?  Please contact our sales for any confusions and questions.   What about the delivery?  Within 48hours,all our products are in stock.   Return & Refund,  1 Year Warranty No reason to return goods within 15 day        ..
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High -power camping lamp with a side lamp of 4 cobs and recharge..
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Crushes installation car comprehensive car door car door trimming trimbing car spi lock bumper lock,     A global good kit: Ringing group pushing with 6 popular size, suitable for trimming door, barrier, abundant, universal suitable for cars and trucks.   Save time and money: You can find that you need to spoil the car type spoiler, no need to go to the auto parts store to search for different fasteners.You can remove old clamps with a free lock remover.   High quality: High -quality materials with heavy construction for durability, this payment group will not break or crack easily during use.   Ease of storage: Small size, comfortable for storage or load in your car. Matrill: Nylon Integrated contains: 20 x c05 nails hang 20 x c20 nails hang Install nails 10 x c32 Install nails 10 x B01 20 x D02 Nails hang 20 x a16 nails hang..
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