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Men's wrist watches are of different colors and elegant shape to suit your taste..
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introduction [Product Name]: A mobile electric vacuum cleaner [Product Job]: Essentially car cleaning, sweeping, dust, blowing balloons and so on Introduction to the release 【An updated version】 [Color]: Fragon [Product material]: Abs [Motor]: A new engine without brushes [Void degree]: 95000PA [Specified Speed]: 35500RPM [Lithium battery capacity]: 2*2000mAh [Shipping mode]: 5 V. USB strengthening the shipping line [Classified power]: 120 watts [the noise]:≤52db [Operating temperature]: - 20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ [Package list]: X1 electric vacuum cleaner X 6 accessories X1 charging line MANUALX1 user [Weight]: 550 G 【The basic version】 [Color]: Gray [Product material]: Abs [Engine]: Normal engine [Vaccue]: 8000PA [Specified Speed]: 15500RPM [Lithium battery capacity]: 2*2000mAh [Shipping mode]: 5 V. USB strengthening the shipping line [Classified power]: 120 watts [the noise]:≤52db [Operating temperature]: - 20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ [Package list]: X1 electric vacuum cleaner X 6 accessories X1 charging line MANUALX1 user [Weight]: 520G A special motor for aviation, a new upgrade for new technology in colleges and universities, high -strength, improved speed 100 times, trial test speed up to 355,000 rpm Using a comfortable sound without disturbing strong but fixed sound 1. Improving wind resistance and reducing air tubes and noise 2. Narrow participation of components-reduce vibration noise 3.GEDE BAO, noise reduction, cotton compound-reduce dizziness 4. The optimal exhaust pipeline exhaust reducing 5. The dynamic balance to reduce noise-reduce the vibration sound 6. The optimal limit of noise from f co -air resistance and noise reduction 7. Engine suspension design-Reduction Ranie 8.motor equipped with cars brushes Long -term battery life can easily clean hygiene in the home car.Dual -core frequency dash conversion can easily handle cleaning in the car and at home, the current release is under the surveillance and adjustment of the power supply management system, and to cooperate with the air cooling system to ensure the continuous and excellent operation of the battery package, which can complete cleaning more space at one time.  ..
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Capacious bag strap, Amazon, suitable for import..
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          Features   300 ml semester and cleaning water tank: The 300ml water tank is perfect for cleaning the teeth by mouth and teeth without interruption without filling the water over and over again.Full removable removable water tank allows you to clean the inclusive of the dental and teeth plate, which is impossible to irrigate by oral orally.   High efficiency improve gum health and dental cleaning: With 1,800 times/minute the pulse water pressure and 4 jet water teeth silk worm, 360 periodic nozzle.Wireless water dental cleanser can clean 99.99% food and deposits in each corner accurately. Dental brush can not be brushed.Specially designed for gingivitis, brackets.   A powerful 2000mAh battery with USB cable: Building in the latest technology laithium battery, a cargo, cleaning water, cleaner, selection of wireless, teeth, silk worm, will last for up to 21 days, continuous use after one fully charged in just 4 hours.The USB cable is included.   4 clean modes with memory function: Insmart oral dental cleaner has natural, smooth, pulse, and selective modes with a low noise design, which can meet different mouth needs.Pre -preparation before use, innovative memory function helps to keep your favorite mode for the next use even if the portable water teeth is stopped.   Portable design with travel storage bag, camping: Wireless and lightweight, this is the cleaning of the portable water tooth. Choose with a perfect storage bag for travel and every outdoor activity as well as home use.4 switch plane tips included for all your family members.   Teacher Water tank: 300 mm Votation: 3.7V Energy: 5W Water empty time: 15 seconds on the latest Water pressure (PSI): 30-120 psi Water Porter: 220 mm/min Motor Revolutions (RPM): 1400 ~ 1800 RPM Noise: less than 72 dB Water -resistant level: IPX 7 Battery: 2000mAh   It includes the package Teeth irrigation x 1 Standard plane x 1 tip X1 gum -pocket tip at the tip The tongue scrapes x 1 hinting plane X 1 orthodontic party tip Cable x1 cable X 1 guide Water Bag x 1       An effective solution 6 types of problems by mouth   4 pressure methods It delivers a continuous force from 1400-1800 water pulses/min. Remove 99.99% of the deep -hidden food residue inside the incisions of the teeth and gum effectively   DIY put Customize to set water pressure from 30psi-120psi as your needs.   4 different tips Equipped 4 different plane tips, easier to clean the mouth and teeth   Water flow high pressure pulse 1400-1800 water pulses/min   Deep cleaning of your teeth Until 1800 times a minute to clean   Corporated in the lithium 2000mAh, USB rechargeable battery Fully charged at one time can be prepared for 30 days   IPX7 Water   Easy to use and clean                ..
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  About porcelain craftsman pride: The pride of porcelain craftsman is the tea set brand owned by the porcelain of the porcelain of the porcelain of the porcelain, the pride ceramic culture communication Co., Ltd., and the focus of the quality is supplemented by the honor.Persist in implementation until production and operation.The company is a ceramic company integrating scientific research, production and operation.Mainly produced ceramic tea sets, white porcelain tea sets, hand -drawn tea sets, purple sand tea sets, tea pet tea play ornaments, tea cans, tea ceremony accessories, and other appliances.   About sample: In order to meet the needs of customers, we can send samples for customers. The price of samples is based on the highest price of online wholesale. The sample defaults to Debon Express.You can choose to pay or pay for the postage(Paying the freight on behalf of the payment is paid with the payment, and the policy will be refunded and the replenishment policy)EssenceIf the customer officially places an order, we will return the difference between the sample fee.In the case of samples and outer packaging intact, customers can refund the sample. We will refund the customer sample fee on the day of receipt.The postage of the sample is borne by the customer.   Transportation method: 1. Express transportation(Note: All products and products below 10kg are all express delivery) By default use Zhongtong Express(You can choose Debon, Shentong, Yuantong, Huitong, SF, and customers who do not reach the region need to explain in advance/customers specify the courier to explain in advance) 2. Logistics transportation(Logistics transportation can be paid or we pay for you to pay for you.)   Wholesale description: Support mixed batch: 2 pieces of mixed batch are required, and all products of this site are not available in freight and invoices.  ..
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      null   LIGE fashion Smart Watch Women men Sport Heart Rate Blood Pressure Fitness Tracker Waterproof Smartwatch For iOS Android   Introduction to watches:   Screen: 1.28" 240*240 full fit full touch screen Battery: 220 mAh polymer Packing box size: 15.1*7.5*3.0cm Bluetooth: 4.0 Support mobile version: iOS 9.0 and above Android 5.0 and above   Features:   Incoming call/SMS content push Information Reminder There are function enable switches on the APP side (incoming calls, text messages, Wechat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and other mobile applications) and events such as sitting, alarm clock, drinking water, taking medicine, etc. Information reminder, alarm clock, photo, raised wrist screen, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, countdown, search for mobile phone, bracelet brightness adjustment, bracelet screen duration adjustment, step counting, heart rate data synchronization APP support, exercise, mileage, calories, Steps, sleep, total sleep, deep, light sleep time, history record, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, exercise   Support language:   The bracelet interface supports English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (multi-language support for message content push) Custom screen page And dozens of page options There is always one for youfree 1. We will ship the goods within 1-3 working days after confirming your payment. 2. Notify me your current address within 1-2 days after payment; otherwise, we will ship the goods according to your address. Please make sure it is correct. 3. The standard choice for registering Singapore package! Usually, the time to reach the destination is 15 to 60 days, and different countries/regions will arrive at different times! 4. Sometimes it takes longer due to bad weather, which will waste customs clearance time. Therefore, when you do not receive the goods on time, please be patient. If you still have not received the item within 60 days, please contact us and we will help you track it. FAQ Q: How does the watch call the application Answer: There is a QR code in the manual. The mobile phone needs to download the application, and the mobile phone has the location function turned on. Open the connected Bluetooth watch in the app Q: Does the watch have a call reminder message reminder function? Answer: After connecting the watch to the mobile application, the watch will display information reminders and call reminders Q: Is the watch waterproof? -Answer: ip67 waterproof dip67 (please don't put it in hot water, please don't bring diving watch) Q: Is this the warranty of the watch? Answer: The watch is guaranteed for one year Q: A few days after payment will be shipped Answer: Shipped within 3 days Q: Do you want to buy a watch with a charger? Answer: With charger Q: How much does it cost to ship to my country? Answer: Free shipping Q: Does my product have a tracking number? A: Yes, we will send the tracking number of each order together with the order, and you can check its shipping status on the corresponding website. Q: Does your store support direct sales? (Wholesale) Answer: Our shop supports wholesale              ..
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New 10 Piece 1/8 "Tingstin Ethnopian Carbide Citizen Grind   Product stands out: Materials: This group of carbide bitch/a rotating bit group made of steel tingstan sticker that has a long work life, diameter of sweat: 3 mm (1/8 inch), diameter of the edge of the pieces: 6 mm (1/4 inch), pleaseCheck the size before purchasing it. Multiple purposes: This Rotary bites include all you need to be sculpted, engrave, polishing, removing sharp edges, being suitable for wood, stone sculpture, metal work and mold grinding.The group includes a large collection of shapes for all types of cuts. Big processing quality: With this bite group, your target surface is smoothly after carving or engraving, so it can even be treated with a variety of high -resolution template. Those carbps latter is generally used with his electric or air -tool hand tool (can also be used in a machine tool).The speed of electrical or air tools is usually 6000-50000 rpm per minute.  ..
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We support the Dropshebing and the wholesale business..
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  Smart watch, wrist, heart rate/blood/pressure/monitoring the heart rate/linear meter, waterproof, smart sports, electric watch  ..
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